Frequently Asked Questions

Motion Print

For the Website, we are currently accepting two images per Motion Print.
Yes, however for the best effect a closeup photo with no white background would be the best
The set includes Motion print in frame wrapped in a box with Ribbons.

Film Processing

We develop C-41 and B&W film in 35/110/120mm format. This includes disposable cameras which uses 35mm film.
3-5 Working Days.
We may have received the wrong contact number or email address from you. Please contact us here.
You have the options to receive your digital files through:
Our Google Drive, Your personal thumb drive, A CD.
*Additional charges may applies*
We will keep the negatives for 1 month, before disposing any uncollected ones. However, if you are unable to collect your negatives within the 1 month period, do give us a call to inform us and we will keep the negatives for your collection on the date designated by you.
Yes we do, please contact us here.
We have 3 options of scan resolutions:

4 base scan (1050Γ—1800 pixels) – This is the standard option which we will recommend to our customers. It is good for archiving in your computer or for prints up to 6R (6X8”).

16 base scan (2000Γ—3000 pixels) – This is good for large format prints up to S12R (12X18inches)
Google Drive is a cloud storage device that can be used for sharing files.

We will create a new shared folder for you in our Google Drive account send the link using the email address you provided. It is important to ensure that you have provided the correct email.
Your files will be kept in our Google Drive for 3 months. After that, your files will be deleted and there will be no way to retrieve them. So, please ensure that you save your files within three months and in multiple platforms if needed.
Yes we do photo prints as well, do feel free to let us know your preferred sizing.
There can be many reasons why your film turned out blank. In the unfortunate event where your film came back blank, we will provide a refund and provide an explanation for the blank film.

We will refund the scanning fee and you will only be charged for the processing